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A 16-week journey that teaches you how to Lead, Love, and Live your life!

Recorded Lessons

Each course will provide clear compassionate messages channeled through Spiritual Medium, April Roane.
Messages come from Source/ Higher Power/ Universe/ Spirit/ God. It is through April, not of April, as she is is simply a channel.
Lessons are one hour in length and are recorded and emailed to you after the link becomes available. Feel free to take notes. Notes are encouraged.
By attending each lesson, you agree to and understand that the lesson/ channeling is recorded live. Because of Universal Laws, all who are in attendance, the questions asked, and lessons channeled/ provided will be divinely timed, deliberately manifested, and perfectly applicable.
All recorded lessons and the material therewithin are the sole property of April Roane/ Spirit Posse. By registering for this course, you understand that you do not have any rights to or ownership of any and all material(s) provided and/ or recorded throughout this course.
This video has been deleted.