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Braxton Roane FEAR Paranormal Society

For Everything a Reason

"We do not live to understand why it is that we die.

We live to understand why  it is that we live."

Al Franklin FEAR Paranormal


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Braxton Roane

Founder | Investigator

Braxton Roane is the founder and lead investigator of FEAR Paranormal Society, which he leads alongside his wife, Spiritual Medium and Channel, April Roane. His first paranormal experienced took place when he was young, and he began having premonition type dreams. As he grew and his dreams began to become the reality, he started to attempt to block these experiences and avoid anything that was not “normal.”


When Braxton lost his mother in 2004, he experienced severe grief and depression which inspired him to attempt to contact her. He attended public events, went to paranormal investigations, and absorbed all that he could about the other side. In 2010, Braxton founded his own investigative research organization, FEAR Paranormal Society based in Texas.


He is a frequent speaker at paranormal events and has appeared in the documentary, Shadows on 66, with Brad and Barry Klinge, and Chip Coffey at the Galena Murder Bordello. Braxton has also investigated many historical locations such as The Villisca Axe Murder House, The Stanley Hotel, Duff Green Mansion, The Belvoir Winery, Tombstone, AZ, Waverly Hills Asylum, Tampa Theater, The Gulfstream Hotel, Kenilworth Lodge, Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum, Haunted Hill House, Sloss Furnaces, and others.  


Braxton and April both work with a team of dedicated and experienced paranormal investigators, researchers, and leading experts within the field. They provide lectures and workshops on Empathy, Paranormal Investigating, and Intuition. Braxton continues to research that which is deemed ‘paranormal’. He aims to lead the world of investigating into new territory, next-level research, and a collective exploration into where we have never been before.


April Roane

Psychic Medium | Investigator

"There are a lot of self-described psychic mediums in the world; very, very few of them have the rarified gifts that you [April] possess. You are the bonafide real deal."

- Andrea Perron, eldest daughter from “The Conjuring”