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Ask 'the channel': April 1, 2020

Divine Messages from 'the channel' through April Roane

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Ask 'the channel': April 1, 2020
Ask 'the channel': April 1, 2020


2020年4月01日 20:00

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This is for the April 1, 2020 session. 

April will hold space for messages of truth, hope, and light to come through. She will hold space this evening for the collective energy who "organized" themselves as 'the channel.' Please visit April's blog for more information about 'the channel.

To experience what to expect, click here to listen to our 3/29/20 session. 

April will hold space for you so that you can connect with 'the channel' and share your questions. This package includes (6) sessions Live with 'the channel'.  This event will be audibly recorded. *It is through April, not from April.* The channeling will take place Live in an interactive private online group setting with video. Should you have any questions prior, please do not hesitate to contact us.  This event setting is sacred and will begin with prayer and a blessing. April only holds space for the highest of divine truth and light. Please note that there will be healings that take place during this channel. Healing comes in many different forms, including sound vibration, "ah-ha moment," energy alignment, and often on a natural subconscious level. Healing is nothing more than alignment, and the live channeled sessions provide an opportunity for alignment to take place.


Dates: Jan 29, 2020 (recorded)

           Feb 19th

           Mar 29th 

           Apr 1st

           Apr 22nd

           May 13th 

           total of 6 sessions 


  • Per Session Live Channel

    Individual Online LIVE Channeling of 'the channel' through April Roane

  • LIVE the channel Sessions

    For all (6) Sessions. * IF YOU MISS A SESSION, you can still attend and you will receive a copy of the previous recordings.





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