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Online Event: Zoom

Channeling Archangel Michael: REMOVAL & RESTORATION Online Event

12/30/2019, I channeled Archangel Gabriel Live. It was powerful and I didn't want to do it again. However, we are living in times of great importance and there is a message that is in divine timing and divine order.

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Channeling Archangel Michael: REMOVAL & RESTORATION Online Event
Channeling Archangel Michael: REMOVAL & RESTORATION Online Event


2021年9月20日 20:00 – 21:25

Online Event: Zoom


This Monday join me for an experience unlike any other. 

An Angel has a message. 

But this Archangel is Michael. 

--> Watch the trailer here

--> Watch the recording from the December 30, 2019 LIVE message from Archangel Gabriel here

LIVE MONDAY  |  Sept. 20, 2021  |  7pm CST/ 8pm EST

Harvest Moon Ceremony 

This ancient and revitalizing practice activates the space needed within us to receive the blessings, healing, and alignment that we deserve, including a meditation and LIVE channeling from Archangel Michael, "The Angel of Power." 

Something big is happening. We're experiencing it together. 

The Evening's Events:

* Welcome  

* Cleansing with sage or palo santo/ Intention Setting   

* LIVE MESSAGE from Archangel Michael  

* Releasing and Burning Ceremony

* Oracle Messages

* Closing  

* Social time to make like-minded new friends

This event is open to everyone of all ages and any or no religion or spiritual path. ALL are welcome!


- Collect your Full Moon Magic list below

- Prepare and allow yourself to be in a sacred and peaceful space

- Shower and take a moment in the shower to feel, to receive, to be present

- Wear comfy clothing

- Login 10 minutes prior to start time

  (You will receive a join link & password in confirmation & reminder emails after registering for this event)

- Zoom link will be included in the confirmation email

- Relax, surrender, in-joy

Please Bring: Full Moon Magic!

1. Paper and pen or pencil

2. White candle (new $1 at Dollar Tree)

3. Matches/ Lighter

4. Sage, palo santo, or incense

5. A safe, burn-friendly receptacle or surface (like a metal or glass bowl or fireplace)

6. Your willingness and desire for change

7. Crystals or any items that you would like to charge/ infuse with ceremonial moon energy

8. A glass/ bottle of drinking water

This event is non-refundable and will be recorded. 

Notes of Caution:

It is important to clear your mind of any anger or irritation while preparing for this ceremony. It’s not advised to burn in the “heat of the moment.” The ritual has more impact when it is done in a peaceful, grounded state of mind.

Do not burn something valuable out of spite, like legal documents or something that could be important to another person. If you feel you must burn memories, you can choose to burn old photographs or letters.

Avoid burning something that is highly flammable or something that can cause you harm. It is important to approach this burning ceremony with caution and in a safe space.

"Dear Universe: I welcome and celebrate these emotions and circumstances into my life at this time to serve my highest and best good.  I know that these experiences will inspire and fuel me to be more present, allow my heart to stay open, and in-joy Spirit taking over. I stand in humble gratitude, fierce love, and the knowing that I am the light."


  • LIVE Channeling Harvest Moon

    9/20/21 LIVE Zoom event.





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