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Lesson 14- Spiritual Leadership: The Source Within Series

LESSON 14: Joy The weekly channeled 'pre-message' from Spirit for this week's lesson in leadership is below.

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Lesson 14- Spiritual Leadership: The Source Within Series
Lesson 14- Spiritual Leadership: The Source Within Series


2021年5月27日 20:00 – 21:05 GMT-5

Zoom link will be emailed once RSVP'd


Lesson 14 Channeled Message from Source: 

 Lesson 14: "Joy is the vibration of living. It is the magical experience of allowing your heart to receive what makes it smile. You did come here to smile? What makes you smile? How much energy is spent each day fighting against what makes you smile? Defending what makes you smile? Allowing fear to justify why you do not experience that which makes you smile? Allow your Self the privilege of experiencing joy right now. Breathe in. Allow. Hold. Slowly exhale and let go. And be. Beingness allows us [all] to choose a different pathway for Joy to flow in. Joy flows. It flows in. It flows out. But it never stops flowing."  


As the next lesson in April's leadership series, Spiritual Leadership: Leading From Within, Spirit reminds us that He is present. That She is present. That GOD is present. And it is time. It is time to breathe. To ease into the life that we KNOW we came here to live. It is time to lead. 

Lean Into 

Ease Into 


the Divine 

Your Source knows You. It is time that we listen. 

That we lean into instead of away from. 

That we ease into the love we KNOW we want to trust. 

That we allow change because we KNOW that change requires love. 

And that we remember that all of this is because we are led to align with a Source that flows through us first. 

Life really is good. It is time that we allow this. 

Each week April holds space for Spirit / Source and together a lesson of love, guidance, and inspiration unfolds. 

Let Us Lead, Shall We? 

Thursdays 8p CST $20/ class


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