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Podcast SUNDAY!

Sunday 7pm CST

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Podcast SUNDAY!
Podcast SUNDAY!


2022年4月24日 19:00

YouTube LIVE


Braxton and April dive into a topic that is very close to their hearts and souls.


Braxton and April began podcast careers thirteen years ago without knowing that the other even existed.​Braxton created and hosted Close to Death Radio on DTM Wicked Radio network. April created and hosted The Movement Within Radio on CBS New Sky Radio.​Both met at the Paranormal Information Association Convention in 2016. His Texas twang and her Florida spark united to create what we now know as The Roanes. Funny, sassy, wise, and full of a lot of shift! April, a spiritual medium, & Braxton, the Founder of F.E.A.R. Paranormal Society, have been featured on various television, radio shows, podcasts, & as speakers at local conventions & events.​If you would like to reach out and go rogue, please email

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