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The Feel-Good Workshop

The biggest issue is that we don’t feel good. Until now.

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The Feel-Good Workshop
The Feel-Good Workshop


2022年3月20日 14:00

Online link will be emailed ❤️


Most of what we deal with each day is about what feels off, pressured, necessary, and not ours.

I want to show you how to become the center of your cyclone no matter what is spinning around outside of you.

Why does feeling good matter? Because it is our natural state. When we do not feel like “ourselves” we do not feel good. The Law of Attraction is responding to our most dominate vibrations. Let’s shift those so that we can feel good again.

The workshop runs about two hours with a break in between. The workshop will be recorded. Dress comfortably and please bring a notepad, writing utensil, and water to drink. Please remove and distractions such as pets, family, alarms, television noises, etc.

Feeling good is a way of living and living feels good!

See you on the 20th at 2pm CST/ 3pm EST!


  • The Feel-Good Workshop





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