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Words have power. They reflect our beliefs. Our beliefs become things. Breathe Bracelets make it easy to become the cooperative component in your own creative process. Your Universe will thank you. Each bracelet contains a specific combination of words that vibrationally work together to center, soothe, and open you.Our world is a vibrational world. Everything responds to energy. When we vibrationally shift the energy within and around us, our world will change. This mantra helps to shift our energy so that we are vibrationally in alignment with our wants, needs, and desires. Simply wear your bracelet each day. Read your mantra at any moment when you feel the the need for ease, surrender, and peace. Make sure to read your mantra several times throughout the day. Remember to breathe while you are reading the words. Remember to feel and connect with each word as you are breathing and saying them. Be present in this moment. Gift yourself the opportunity to realize that you are deliberately working with the Universe to create, allow, and appreciate your life. Spirit will step in. Breathe Bracelets are easy to wear, waterproof, and the are perfect reminder to refocus, recenter, and reset the Self. The Universe cannot deliver what we want if there is no space for it to go. Breathe Bracelets help to create this space so that your miracles can unfold. The magic is within you! Bracelets are silicone, black and white in color, and are 1/4 inch in width.

Breathe Bracelets *Your Magical Mantra*

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