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Divinely Guided Spiritually Channeled Handwritten Messages

April Roane holds space for Spirit in a way that she has not done publicly before.


Handwritten Channeled Messages

Divinely Timed and Delivered to Your Front Door!


Or side door. Or wherever you need this message mailed, April and her spirit friends are ready to create and organize a message just for you!


"Spirit knows. Spirit is always willing to inspire you to remember that you know, too. Collectively we are growing. We are remembering. We are aware. And it really is good. Awareness brings truth. Truth brings change. This, we know. And we are ready."




Divinely Guided Spiritually Channeled Handwritten Messages

    1.  Can I purchase this for someone else? 
      • Yep! April only needs the recipient's name and mailing address. You can include this information in the notes section during checkout above!
    2.  How long will it take to receive this? 
      • Please allow April up to 3 business days to receive and channel your message.
      • Allow another 3-7 business days for shipping and receiving as this is dependant on the recipient's zip code, as well as any unforeseen issues that may arise with the USPS (i.e. weather issues, government shutdowns, etc.).
    3. What is included with the message? 
      • (1) One channeled message that is personally handwritten and channeled by and through April Roane for the purchaser or the recipient.
      • (1) One inspirational keepsake card from April on which she writes the channeled message which will also include the date, time, and time zone of your message from Spirit.
    4. What does a channeled message mean? 
      • April goes into a sacred space within to connect with and communicate Spirit/ Source/ Higher Power/ God. This includes assistance from her Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters as this work is always done through her and is not from her.
      • At this time, April will go into prayer, which is a focused intention. This allows the space to be and remain sacred so that only the highest of truth and light can come through.  
      • April then will connect with the energy of the recipient. Energy is everything. Spirit is energy. April is able to remotely read energy and relay messages without the individual being present. Remember, God knows you. Period. 
      • April then handwrites a message that is shared through her for the recipient (the purchaser or as a gift). The message is personalized as not all messages are created equal. Not everyone needs to relax. Not everyone needs to let go. Not everyone is angry. 
      • Because of divine timing, the law of attraction, and where each of us is vibrational (lack of faith, fear, skepticism, etc.), the message will be what is meant to be received at this time. 
      • April will then date and handwrite the time and time zone she is in at the the time message was "downloaded"/ received and written.  
    5. What if I do not like the message or agree with the message I receive? 
      • This is a great question to be asked PRIOR to purchasing a channeled message- or any service from any intuitive, psychic, channel, medium.
      • Your beliefs and your faith highly affect your readings, card sessions, and any other intuitive service you seek. They also highly affect the way you interact with your own Spirit/ Source/ God/ Higher Power in your everyday life. This includes your beliefs in your ability to be loved, your ability to receive, your beliefs in abundance, etc. When we deny or negate most things in life, we often push away the very support and assistance we are needing most.
    6.  Is this refundable? 
      • No. Please read the answer to the above question.
    7. Why should I trust April? 
      • How did you find this website/ service again? Trust that. That is your Source. 
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