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Spirit has always used writing as a vehicle for growth, enlightenment, and change. Journaling is a form of writing. 


April has been leading journaling and automatic channeling classes for over a decade. Spirit began working with April in awareness in 2009 through the act of writing. 


  • Hand-selected by April
  • Black matte external finish 
  • The cover is decorated with vinyl lettering
  • Blank pages 
  • Have rear pocket for storage 
  • GIFT: Rear pocket contains 'Breathe' sticker from
  • Can be added to Spirit Posse Journal Bundle  


*DUE TO LIMITED AVAILABILITY of each style, please indicate which style you would like as a first option. If the style is unavailable, please indicate a section style option.   


Spirit Posse Journals

  • All items on are non-refundable. 

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