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12 12 21 Christ-Collective LIVE Gateway Event

A sacred day of attunement as we embrace the #gateway that opens us up to the Great Central Sun at the #Galactic Core. We attune with all 12 dimensions of our Universe. April will be holding space for divine communication from the #Christ-Collective, the highest of #truth and the purest of #love.

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12 12 21  Christ-Collective LIVE Gateway Event
12 12 21  Christ-Collective LIVE Gateway Event

Czas i lokalizacja

12 gru 2021, 19:00 GMT-6


O wydarzeniu

We have evovled. Shadow work is done. Clarity is present. It is time. 

Join April Roane as she holds space for the Christ-Collective during one of the most sacred and power-filled gateways of our lifetime. 12/12/21. Cosmic gateways operate as pathway portals directly to higher dimensions, divine light frequencies, advanced consciousness and the source force of creation.

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Christ Consciousness is present and more alive now than ever. Let us hold space together as we attune to the energy and wisdom of the Great Central Sun at the Galactic Core. 

"The Great Central Sun is the Source and a Center of the All-Pervading Presence of the Great "I AM". It is a Point of Integration of the Spirit/Matter Cosmos, and a Central Concentration of God Consciousness and the release of Light, Life, and Love to all creation. It is a Nucleus, Heart Center, or White Fire Core of the Cosmos. The Galactic Core is the exact center of our galaxy as the Milky Way spins out from it. 

This is a time of great surrender and extreme alignment. There are universal codes that exist within the fragments of space and time. These codes are gifted to us and we download them thorughout our life experience. On this day, we will have access to divine ancient wisdom, increased universal code downloads, vibrational "upgrades", and our truth. 

This is a time to leave it all behind (figurativelyt speaking) and walk into the love and light of ther Christ-Collective who has offered to speak, teach, inspire, and lift us. Christ will never walk this earth as a single man again. Christ returns as a collective consciousness through each of us. Unity. Community. Every time we become aware of the bigger picture, the greater good, and the vast supply and need for love, Christ is present. Let us begin. 

"There is no timing like our present moment in time." - Spirit 


Christ Consciousness is an awareness of the higher self as part of a universal system. Although it can be interpreted in a number of ways, a common understanding is that Christ Consciousness is the state of consciousness in which a person has found self-realization and unity with God or the Divine. Free e-Book here. 

The number 12 is compound number that is ordinarily reduced to its underlying root number. In the case of 12 we would reduce it like this:  1 + 2 = 3

The number 3 therefore is the vibrational essence that informs the number 12. When we see 12 we can think of it as the number 3 in disguise. In this way, the number 12 has much of the same energy as the number 3, but in a diluted or problematic form. The number 12 then is said to be informed by the creative energy of the number 3.

The number 12 reflects to the ancient meaning of 12 being the number of perfection.

The number 12 is the result of 4×3, 4 elements – 4 corners of the earth – 4 cardinal points. When these are multiplied 4 x 3, three being the sacred number of God, the result is 12 – the perfect number.

The official description states:

“Against the blue sky of the western world, the stars represent the people of Europe in a circle, a symbol of unity. Their number shall be invariably set to twelve, the symbol of completeness and perfection.”

The Number 3: Numerologists recognize that 3 is the number of the child – it symbolizes the growth and magic that results from the combination of two other things; it’s the metaphorical child brought forth from two parents, full of energy and possibility. This number is the fruit of your labors, it carries spiritual meaning, power and an abundance of energy that is SO much more than the sum of its parts. Read more here


April looks forward to holding space for you, your future, yourself, your great I AM.  #SpiritPosse #LightBabies

In-Lighten-Meant. And so shall it be. Amen! Amen! Amen! 


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    We evolve together. Not one of us is able to evolve alone. <3

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