2020 #TheYearOfBlessings As we grow we arrive at new “levels” of vulnerability-

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

in our career, our relationships, our world, our Self. I have been “holding space” and channeling Spirit for over a decade. Crazy? Yes. Life changing? Yes. Easy? No. Grateful? Yes.

Recently, I was asked to channel Archangel Gabriel which many of you have watched live on December 30th on Facebook. This video is saved below in the “Saved Videos” section. This is a time of vulnerability because it is #TheYearOfBlessings.

Earlier this morning I received an overwhelming message to “WRITE NOW.” I did. The message was received from an energy who named themselves “the channel.” No need to capitalize the letters as instructed.

They spoke for over three hours and documented specific instructions for “now” for each of us.

This morning they arrived again in the post below.

I bring to you, “the channel.”

And may it be so. ❤️


It is never to question- that you are intuitive. You cannot “be” what you already are. It is time to step into your intuition because it is WHO you are. It is time for all to be who they are and to end questioning that. ‘Who’ we are and intuition are inseparable. Intuition is the awareness of the GOLDEN flow of life energy that is forever present be CAUSE your “YOU” is forever present. Be present and you will discover your intuition. Be present and you will discover who you are.”

- “the channel”

1/13/20 9:40am

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