And Then It Happened:

The Miracle of Allowing and Intuition

I think we truly mean well. I believe in all that I am that we show up in each moment and truly mean well. We never really mean to miss that call, or forget that promise, or ignore our intuition. I don't believe that we intuitively consciously choose to do anything unwell... Until we are aware that we are intuitively consciously choosing. Everything.

I had that moment this morning. You know? That small window of time between our last "to-do" and our next "to-do." That moment where we can breathe and shift and flow... That moment where our kids and loved ones somehow know to call us.

My daughter facetimed me. I had readings lined up ahead of me and a cup of coffee in front of me. I didn't have time to answer. But I did. A choice. A choice I am glad I made because a miracle happened.

Everyday Maddy will call me from work and show me her new babies that she is in charge of. From snakes to spiders and rats to bearded dragons, this human being has been fixing them and loving them since she was little. Today was no different. The miraculous creatures that showed up today were baby chameleons- like hours old.

I oogled at them and awed. So tiny! So cute. Maddy was super stoked!

Off to the side were two little egg sacs that were "not viable." That made me sad, but life includes loss. Mad said, "It happens, mom. In every litter," I asked, "Are you sure? They're dead?" Maddy looked closer and stroked the egg sacs that held the tiny little gecko-looking-things. She said, "With puppies, we sometimes open the sac so they can breathe..."


Gasp. "He moved!"

Me: "He did?"

Mad: "He lifted his head!"

Me: "Oh my God check the other one."

The video below shows exactly what happened next. It really is a miracle.

We truly mean well. When we allow and listen (feel, see, hear, know) to our intuition, our lives go from meaning well to experiencing and creating well!

Had I not answered Maddy because "I was busy," I would have missed out on watching my baby deliver two baby chameleons- a miracle that neither one of us expected to experience together.

Intuition creates and allows miracles to go from maybe possible to possibly the real deal. It is time. Miracles are normal. We know this. We want to know this. Miracles are simply everyday-proof of a God who works through intuition to inspire all. Inspirado. In Spirit. All. Just think of what could be experienced when we show up in each moment KNOWING this?!

And Maddy? She shortly received a mama bunny with sick neonatal babies. The babies did not make it. Oh, except one. A formula-fed. A baby who knows nothing more than to let a miracle take place. Just like these chameleons. And just like us. Our only other option is to not pay attention at all. That isn't fun and it's not why we came forth.

Each of us has the ability to answer that call, remember that promise, and become aware of our intuition. We have the ability to use our free will. Period. We are not being judged either way whether we use this ability or not.

We will find that when we use the natural abilities within us to interact with the natural world around us, every moment becomes the miracle. Just watch!

Literally. Watch the video.

I love you. I love the miracle that you are. I trust in your ability to understand your free will and now use it differently.

2018 = The Year of Transformation

2019 = The Year of Authenticity

2020 = The Year of Blessings

2021 = The Year of Receiving

(YEP! Literally just was shown this by Spirit in a reading this week!)


Why? Why do we need to transform and be authentic to who we are? And how do blessings come into play with a year that feels like a bad carnival ride? And now we flow into the year of receiving? YES.

Because two little chameleons just proved that it is possible. effortlessly, to be seen by God when all else has classified them as dead. When we allow, miracles take place on their own.

Even little lifeforms are manifesting miracles. Miracles are simply the law of attraction unfolding.

Believe in miracles. Your intuition knows the way. Free will allows you to get up close and personal with the process. Simply just allow. Receive. Breathe.

All is always well. I believe this. #SpiritPosse

xo April

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