Q&A: "How can I align all of my chakras?"

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

- M. G., FL

Great question! Lots of answers....Thanks, M.G. for sending me your question. Here we go...

Chakras are non-physical energy centers within our body. We have seven main chakras. They spin and bring in all of the good-life-flow energy to us and through us. When one of these chakras does not spin as it should, the energy is unable to flow through and into that area- in the chakra and in our body (hence our physical problems in response to the energetic blockages in our body). Whether a little or a lot, a blocked chakra will affect us.

More about chakras first...

We must understand that we and our chakras are ENERGY. Our feelings, thoughts and emotions are also energy. That means the Law of Attraction is at play (always). The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law that simply implies that energy which is like itself is drawn. Like attracts like, simply. When we feel good, our chakras tend to flow better. When they flow better, we tend to feel good (alignment). When we feel off or "bad," our chakras tend to 'spin slower.' When they slow down, we tend feel worse (misalignment).

"We are either allowing the flow or we are pinching it off just a little." -Esther Hicks

Heavier emotions/ feelings slow us down. We feel "heavy." We feel pessimistic, disconnected and tired and frustrated and discouraged. Lighter emotions/ feelings get us going again. We feel optimistic and open and hopeful and ready and willing. If what we feel and think doesn't match the flow/ energy of our chakras, we will feel contrast thus allowing us to feel a blockage. This is also called "a sign," or your "intuition." If our feelings and thoughts match the flow/ energy of our chakras we allow the "FLOW" or "alignment" thus allowing us to feel like we are alive and/ or living again.

When you think about aligning your chakras, think in terms of energy. What am I feeling? Am I continuing to allow thoughts/ behaviors that do not match how I want my chakras to flow? NOW you are processing your emotions [insert celebration dance here].

Ok, now back to how this energy gets stuck...

Life will create experiences that trigger certain emotions (it's supposed to). We either process or store these emotions. See my 'Check Yo Vibes' visual here. When we 'store' these emotions (maybe for a rainy day), we actually shove them in areas within us and they accumulate (clumps of energy), thus slowing down the healthy spinning chakra(s) in that area.

Why would we want to do that?!

A) We aren't aware that we are doing this, and

B) We cannot process emotions that we were never shown/ taught how to process.

Let's break it down. Happiness? Easy to process. Joy, peace, love.... easy to receive, digest and let go of. Fear? Not so much. Anger, hate, sadness, regret, blame, frustration.... these emotions are heavier and "harder" to process- or we were taught that they are. We watched adults around us numb themselves, distract themselves and/ or run from the very emotions that their triggers caused them to feel. We grew up thinking that heavier emotions are not talked about, not shared, are life-changing and are ignored, etc. Heavy emotions also hurt. Hurting is heavy which is why most of us run the other way. Chakras can't spin if they are filled with heavy energy which will slow them down.

And year after year we repeat what we are taught until.... our awareness shows up. And wah-lah! That brings us to the original question. How do we align all of our chakras? We've discovered somehow that they are blocked. Your intuition is right on!

Now you are aware that you are playing with the Law of Attraction and this is what we call, "Being a cooperative component in your unfolding." A.K.A. "Creating your reality."

If you are having difficulty working with your chakras, other dynamics can be involved. These may include past life issues, inner child issues, deeper fears, parental imprinting etc. Consider working with me so that we can pinpoint where some of these other dynamics may be involved. You deserve to experience your own peace, happiness and light in this lifetime.

Get that flow, yo!

1) First, we must keep in mind that some or all of our chakras are blocked/ misaligned because of an emotion we have chosen not to face. Whether it is one emotion or an overwhelming group of emotions, this will need to be dealt with in order to clean and "empty" our energy centers. If we do not 'deal & heal' our chakras will continue to remain blocked with these heavier emotions. FEEL THOSE FEELS! Breathe through them. Write about them. Listen to them and allow your wiser adult self to reintroduce healthier alternatives while feeling your way through your emotions.

2) We must be open to the healing that is ours. On a subconscious level, if we are attached to dysfunction because it is all we know, it will be hard to let go

while we introduce new ways of being. Remember this. As scary as it is (often to our inner child who was present during our upbringing) it is important that we are willing and open to the alignment that is available. We must be ready to let go of that which is not serving our best and highest good. Working with our chakras is a great way to open up to our healing and ourself.

3) Align. Because chakras are energy they will need energy to heal, cleanse and balance them.

- Work with a professional Psychic Medium (Easily identify what is blocked, why it is blocked and what needs to be done to clear and open your energetic flow)

- Use meditation (meditation creates the space for healing to occur)

HERE IS A GREAT 10 min. Guided Meditation for all Chakras.

- Breathe (all the time and through some of those heavier emotions.

- Pay attention to foods and drinks- see diagram below (think clean and higher vibrational- water, greens, fruits, etc,)

- Use Reiki (healing divine energy done by practitioners who have studied and are

certified to practice this form of energy healing)

- Work with a chakra "guru" (Source is the ultimate guru, but there are those who

Source uses to heal through. Some professionals are able to heal different parts of you inside energetically.

- Use Crystals (another blog to be written on this topic because they are incredibly valuable and healing when cleansed and charged themselves)

Please use the following tools, tips and visuals! I hope this helped introduce you to your own energy centers and how to step into the miracle that you are!

Keep those questions coming! I will write/ channel a blog that will help others who have the same questions too.

You can send your questions to ReadingswithApril@gmail.com.

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