🕊 Change Creates Change: Four Ways To Create With Change This Week

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Hey, #SpiritPosse! It is I, the posse light leader, going where I have (never) been before. Literally. I am being "prompted" to really be present in my present moments this week AND to pay attention to HOW I am showing up. Ouch. Evidently it is happening and this includes being UBER honest with the Self. Not for them, but for me. Hello, Self. I am new here. Again.

But no fear! This year is prompting each of us to go where we've never been before WITHIN OUR OWN BEING. Wuhhhh???? Wait. What IS happening?

2020 is happening and it's happening for us, not to us. Spirit says, "this year will create change; change that is required for the shifting that is in place. And whether we like it or not, this shifting is "waking us up" to our awareness of EVERYTHING in a way that we have never experienced before.

Things are changing. It is happening. We can complain and ignore and pretend and resist. Or we can use the blessings that are unfolding within and around us.

How can we tap into these blessings this week? How can we create our new with all of the confusing change that is taking place?


Spirit gives us four resources that we can use (me included) so that we can ease into this life that we live.


1) Rogue Talk Radio LIVE. On the first Monday of each month, I hold space for Spirit and the listeners of Rogue Talk Radio Show. This means Spirit speaks on air. Whether you call in, show up in the chat room, or listen to the archived show, you will hear exactly what Spirit wishes to share with you now. Listen to this week's live show here.

2) Another LIVE call-in radio show Tuesday night 8p est, RVA Paranormal, and they are also giving away a free reading with me! Click here for details.

3) The weekly energy forecast. Each week I hold space for Spirit and read the energy of the week we are in. These include guidance, channeling, tips, tools, and divine insight that assists us in our here and now. Click here to listen to this week's forecast.

4) Free Mini-Workshops. Each week I have also been creating a series of mini-workshops that go along with the energy of the week. We ask, "HOW do I fix, weak, learn, do this what I have to in life?" And then Spirit provides free resources that teach us HOW to do it!

Visit the homepage to experience this week's (and the entire series) mini-workshop on The Law of Intention and Desire.

There you have it! Four opportunities that are free, here, now, to assist us in our 2020 unfolding. Remember, we are doing this together. One posse moment at a time. I will forever share my moments because I am learning. I know that each of us will face what is needed to be faced WITH the remembering that God IS with us leading. We have to learn how to let go. #ChangeCreatesJoy

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