Coronavirus: Soothe Away The Cray!

A Guided Meditation To Soothe, Ease, & Align You

"Should I bring my own mask, or will you have them for us?" This was my call to Delta just before I took off to Michigan for the Pawtographs Parafest this past weekend. Delta stated in a hushed voice, "You will receive your mask and gloves once you are checked in." I froze. This shit is real.

But so is the Law of Attraction.

Needless to say, the flight was AMAZING. Masks never appeared. We raised over $7,500 for The Silver Muzzle Cottage. I made forever friends, and I returned home 'un-corona-virused.'

To be clear, I am not making light of this Pandemic. It is real. It is happening. The live channel from 'the channel' said this would happen. What I am saying is that each of us has the ability to disconnect from the "masses" and connect within. This is where the balance takes place.

This guided meditation was created with the intent to realign your focus so that your physical vibration can realign as well. When we are aligned vibrationally, we are not a vibrational match to misalignment, A virus is misalignment. Limiting beliefs are misaligment. Negativity is misalignment. Fear and panic are misalignment. Just in our ability to let go, we become aligned.

When we listen to our bodies, we are able to see what it is that we need. Slow down. Allow your basic needs to be met.

In-joy this guided meditation. Allow yourSelf the peace that is wanted. Give permission to yourSelf to become soothed. Soothing is alignment. Soothing brings peace. Despite how crazy it "appears" to be out there, it is not as crazy within. #SpiritPosse

Soothe Away the Cray!

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