Day 1: Hello



I have started this blog entry twice today. This is my third attempt.

I am publicly sharing my experiences through this blog as I practice what I preach. Today has been Day One.

My personal Spirit Guides give me messages, nudges and guidance also. I don’t always listen. Life gets in the way, right? The problem is that life will always get in the way… that is until we listen to our own Guides. They know. They do. Internally so do we.

I’m tired. I am not balanced. I don’t like myself very much- my body that is. But this journey is so much more than just about working out and loosing weight.

When we don’t care for our own needs, we become depleted- mentally, physically, energetically, emotionally, spiritually. If we were never taught how to care for these needs, we then become confused and ultimately frustrated. This journey is about learning what I need, how to meet those needs and practice loving myself along the way.

My Spirit Guides have REPEATEDLY and lovingly asked me to practice the following daily:

1) Get up early

2) Breathe

3) Set your intentions/ pray

4) Change into comfortable clothes

5) Go walking outside, stretch or do yoga

6) Journal/ channel in writing

7) Play with different types of foods and see how they energetically effect my body

8) Fade out sugar

9) Drink plenty of water

10) Relax, let go, trust

Sounds easy, right? I wholeheartedly believe in each of above. I know what the benefits are. I can visualize how unstoppable and happy I would be. I can feel it. And it feels good. And it feels smooth. It feels right. For me. It is unlimited. It is freeing. It is a feeling of pure overflowing joy. It’s been over a year since my Guides started nudging me to practice what I believe.

The problem? There are other beliefs I also have about myself. They are limiting and conflict with what my Guides say. These other beliefs are beliefs that I was taught, and they became my dominate voice internally as I grew up- so much so that I never knew the difference. Until now. Literally. There is a voice within us that does not speak to our high-vibin' beliefs. It speaks to our fears, to our lack, to our doubts and to our worries. Fear will always get our attention until we truly learn about love. Learning about love means listening to your softer constant Higher Self (Spirit).

Today was wonderful! It was smooth and ‘flowy’ all the way up until my triggers unfolded and my mood went to mush. My triggers? Food, my marriage, my children, my animals, my work. Triggers poke “our” bear. The work that our Guides encourage us to do is simply to recognize when our bear is being poked and to choose how to apply more love from there. What works? What doesn’t work? Where is more love needed? What can we do in that moment to learn and apply what is different for us?

My 'divine list of ten’ above works when I work it. It allows me to stay focused when I am triggered. The more I let go and apply what my Guides say, the more I feel taken care of and supported by Spirit. When I avoid any of the items above, I unravel. I am Spirit. I am Human. I am Soul. I am Love. I am an important part of this time space reality- as are each of you. This journey is about my attempt to learn more about love, apply my own divinely guided list of ten and inspire your willingness to Soul Up and jump into your journey.

Today I felt:

Morning: GREAT (high vibe)

Mid-day: Productive, content, happy (high vibe)

Afternoon: Headache, pressed for time, anxiety (low vibe)

Evening/ Night: Relaxed, irritable (low vibe)

Late Night: Angry, frustrated, misunderstood, not valued/ appreciated (low vibe)

Soul Up Moments:

Morning: I breathed, prayed, meditated, listened to my body, journaled, everything flowed, and it was so nice. I also woke up earlier than normal automatically. I worked on office work for myself and for our home and did dishes, hung curtains, straightened up and did laundry in between.

Mid-day: Still flowing- but we haven’t grocery shopped so food wasn’t prepared. I was hungry and there wasn’t anything that “felt right” to eat. I drank a lot of water throughout the day.

Afternoon: Started watching the clock more. Wanted to have more done before husband got home from work. Noticed 3:30p made me feel “panicky.” I wanted to have dinner done and be showered before he got home. I also wanted to go walking or do yoga before he got home.

Evening/ Night: Relaxed, irritable. Didn’t walk/ do yoga. I did cook. I ate, but not crazy. No sweets today and that feels good. Breathed more. Caught myself a few times. Wanted to cry.

Late Night: Angry, frustrated, misunderstood, not valued/ appreciated. Back in my office writing this blog. I believe I should have gone walking/ done yoga regardless. I am proud of myself. I got a lot done today. I made a promo video for a new mini-workbook I have on the site. I also worked on a downloadable meditation on the site. There is a lot that I do not have control over, especially how I am perceived. That is work in progress, especially when it is hitting home. I am applying the writing right now. I am breathing. I am relaxing.

What Was Learned:

Morning: Waking up earlier is so nice. A healthy breakfast was nice. I like being loving toward myself. I ate slowly and without distractions. I allowed my body to receive whatever love was within each bite.

Mid-day: I love straightening and cleaning in between working

Afternoon: Need to prepare a little better to have healthier foods on hand (foods that feel good to my body). When you don’t prepare you will feel unprepared.

Evening/ Night: Exercise def needed. Research/ look into organizing tasks/ priorities better. I notice I need a little more structure (SAID NO ARIES EVER!).

Late Night: Taking it all in. I love my husband. We can work on communicating better. That is often the biggest problem. It’s not the details of the conversation that trigger us the most. It’s often how those details or shared. All of us have very human moments. These human moments need more love.

And now… my mind, body and soul need sleep. Xoxo

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