“Eat me!”

Said the mushrooms. And so I did!

It’s been a crazy amazing last few weeks! Waves of creative energy have been flowing in and I have taken advantage of them. But honestly this post has nothing to do with the creative energy. It has everything to do with how I am walking the walk and practicing what I preach.

I will admit, it is absolutely easy and almost a promise that we will get sucked into the ebbs and flows of everyday life. It is also very easy to become so overwhelmed that we do not have time for our own wellbeing. But this isn’t about being perfect. It’s about being present.

I have been present. I have been consistent with prayers and breathing and meditation. I have found that small consistent doses are way better than tackling mind, body, soul head on. In fact, balance is everything!

I‘ve lost seventeen pounds so far and I’ve only shifted when I eat and have cleared out a lot of starches and sugars- divine guidance that I’ve “ignored” for a while.

I’m sleeping better. I have more energy. AND MY READINGS ARE CLEAR, QUICK, BAM!

I also have had a few moments where I needed to sit and cry and let it out. And in those moments I have tried to remind myself that I am human and I am allowed to raise a white flag from time to time. And I did. And I milked it. And then I breathed deeply and rolled on.

I am noticing that I am more patient. But it’s not, “Omg, be patient April!’ It’s, “I can ease and breathe and let in peace.”


Compassion for self.


Finding peace.

But not in one big swoop is this all happening. It is taking a lot of little reminders and practicing and applying and letting go and letting God.

I think we are sometimes so afraid of actually succeeding that we don’t. We let fear break us down until there is nothing left but an exhausted self and a defeated spirit.

Negative thinking has been a struggle. It can get the best of of us. The only change that I’ve made was actually catching myself when I was being negative. I realized that my grumpiness was coming from a mix of being tired, more emotional than normal, busier than usual and missing my daughter. We often don’t allow ourselves to feel the very real feelings that very real life moments want us to feel.

Allowing myself to create space for myself to process these feelings has helped me to realize that we can become negative when we neglect our basic needs. Sometimes that basic need is the need to embrace ourself as we accept something our fears want us to run from.

Not perfect. Compassionate. ❤️

Possible. Doable. You-able. Life.


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