Feelin’ the Vibes

Updated: May 19, 2019

Because Weight Loss is Never About Food... It is always about alignment and the alignment is the struggle.

I went public. I did. And I’m not going to stop. Why? Because I promised to share my journey with the world. I teach it. I preach it. I am working it.

Why weight? Because! It’s been my sore spot most of my life. It’s my area of greatest resistance... and because of this I put it off and focus on fixing your resistance first. It’s easier.

But easy isn’t always right. Right isn’t always wrong. Life isn’t always what we thought it should be. Life is what we CHOOSE it to be now.

I choose me. And “me” is my classroom. This process is about alignment: Mind, Body, Soul. I have created My Magical Manifesto to help me learn about and practice with my alignment. I’ve also made it available for you on the website.

Why align? Because of flow. We are either flowing or we are not. We are either allowing or we are not. We are either being soft and easy or we are resisting and fighting along the way.

When our thoughts and actions are not aligned with what we want (or think we want), only struggle and chaos exists. Yes! Pay attention to the vibes.

Food is my drug of choice. My body has been a dumping ground over the years for unresolved issues, blame, anger and pain. My internal dialogue does not match the balanced ‘me’ that I want to be. I am calling it like it is- and it’s ok. I am ready. It is so important to begin this journey by leaving judgment out of it. I am ok with bringing love to the areas of myself that I have kept love from for so long.

I am ready to step into my power- in front of you. I want to show you HOW it is done, HOW it takes practice and HOW human and beYOUtifully precious this process is. Easy? Nope. But the depth of my willingness must match the depth of my pain. I will struggle. I will share.

Courage. Patience. Practice. Breathing. Mind. Body. Soul. Life is a constant balance of realigning. I will put the tools and tips to work. I will do the damn thing. Why? Because my abundance and joy and love is worth it. I am worth it. I also want each of you to realize you are not alone in this. I feel that it is also important to walk the walk. I must be fearless and brave in my pursuit of self-love just as I want each of you to be.

Self-love has nothing to do with food and weight and yet we live in a world that has trained us to think it does. The heart knows the truth. Self-love is a constant balance of listening to the heart making decisions from there.

What do I need?

What do I want?

What can I do?

What hasn‘t worked before?

Am I really practicing what I preach and teach?

I will be accountable, even when I feel like I am failing. Failing is ok.... it’s how we learn to balance and align.

I want to thank all of those beautiful individuals who have offered me diet tricks and tips. I appreciate you. But this time I am going to come at this from a different angle than I have before.

This time I am going to feel my way through my transformation and alignment instead of ‘doing’ what ‘they’ say. They can be right. They can be honest. But this journey is about me- mind, body and soul.

Self-love is all about the vibes. We can choose to pay attention to them and let them grow us or we can choose to ignore our vibes and hide from who we are.

No hiding here. We do not hide from who we are in the Spirit Posse. ❤️ We embrace it.

And here I go....

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