Finding Calm Within the Storm

All is well when seas are calm and quiet. When the sun is shinning and the music is playing, we are on top of the world. But when the winds pick up and the rain starts pouring, we lose our cool and become worried, panicked, angry and afraid.

Whether society has taught us how to respond this way or our upbringing did, it matters only how we choose to respond moving forward.

So how do we respond when storms roll in and threaten our foundation, security, safety and direction? Sometimes we don’t do anything at all.

We‘ve been taught that happiness means that everything is smooth. We have been conditioned to believe that happiness equals being rich, thin, at ease, abundant and successful. We’ve also been conditioned to resist anything that threatens what our idea of happiness is. When the waves start rockin’ we start pushing back. Omg! Our happy bubble is no more. Quick! Do something! We are taught to respond. Period.

We haven't been taught how to weather the storm and find happiness there too. We haven’t been taught how to practice faith, how to trust and how to go with the flow while life moves things around. It is within the storm that we learn to be our center instead of being sucked up into the winds, the rains and the lightening.

Growing up we watched how our parents, grandparents, and adults responded to stress and change. We watched them close down, freak out, blame each other, disapprove, disagree, scream, abuse substances, hurt themselves, hurt us, hide or run... We learned that when the storm hits we are to disconnect from our truth, our faith and our Self.

Storms change us. They shift things and sift through things. They are cleansing and create new beginnings - often when we become stubborn and “stuck.” In fact, storms are the very things that dislodge us and bring us to our happiness. When we desire to be healthier, happier and/ or more abundant, storms will show up to remove any and all obstacles that are in our way.

We are also very much focused on comfort and discomfort. We believe happiness equals comfort and discomfort is simply unwanted. While it is important to feel comfortable in our lives, it is also just as important to notice our discomfort too. The areas where we are most uncomfortable are often the areas hit by storms first. Sometimes true happiness finds us when we are outside of our comfort zones. Storms place us there.

“When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” - Wayne Dyer

Storms matter. All of them. From sun showers and light mists to thunderstorms and roaring seas, storms bring us to who we are and to where we need to be. They allow us to practice patience, practice faith and practice letting go. Storms teach us about balance. They are external energies that arrive to move and shift the internal energies within us.

Finding calm within the storm means we find calm within our Self first. We step back and allow each storm to do its thing. Notice what emotions come up. Fear? Fight or Flight? Anger? Control issues? Storms reveal things to us. Feel the feelings. Don’t push against them. What are your emotions telling you? Sit back and nurture yourself. Breathe. Journal. Walk. Practice new healthy coping skills that you learn yourself. Pinterest is an amazing resource for self-growth and healing!

Finding calm within the storm also means that we allow some aspect of emotional discomfort to be present. Something is changing. Someone is growing. That someone is you. Things change so we can grow. Growing often involves endings and new beginnings. Growing also isn’t always comfortable. While the storm is raging, breathe through the discomfort. Practice yoga. Lean on a friend. Notice what the discomfort actually is. Are you witnessing your intuition and ego facing off? Are you afraid of change itself? What is uncomfortable for you? Does the change that is needed threatening your deepest fears? What are they? Storms bring things up from within the earth and from the bottom of the sea. Treasures are uncovered here.

Storms balance us. They bring closure. They bring adventure. They bring new life. They rearrange. They create change. We are creatures of change. Life requires change. So does happiness. Storms are the catalyst for the changes we intuitively know we need to make.

As scary and as unwanted as they are, storms are here to stay. We need them. Life needs them. They are as necessary to our growth as is the sun, the moon and the earth.

Breathe into your own calm during your storms. ❤️ Your soul knows the way. Find healthy things to cling onto when you feel isolated and unsure. Hold onto your pillow and cry. Pray (focused intention). Call in Archangels for support and direction. Call in your Spirit Guides (even as a group) for guidance and clarity. Meditate. Cry some more. It‘s ok. Self love means loving yourself at all times. This too shall pass. It always does. And as with each storm, amazing things are discovered after the clouds clear and life settles once more. The glass is always half full- unless it is storming. Then it is abundant and overflowing. Always. All ways. Life’s balance is always abundant and overflowing.

xoxo April

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