Lessons on Looking Back, Letting Go, and the F Word

< 🙃 F Word Warning 🙃 >

We may not always trust the course our journey takes. Despite all of our planning and praying there are detours, departures, and new arrivals along the way.

“The truth of course is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time.” - David Bowie

We get stuck sometimes in the moment. We become paralyzed with worries of the future and we become tormented with thoughts of the past. Overwhelmed. Angry. Frustrated. Tired. Again.

So, what to do?

In my very first book, The Movement Within: 8 Steps to Ignite the Movement Within You, I devote an entire step to ‘Looking Back.” We are told not to look back, but there is magic there! It’s not about WHAT lurks in the pages that have gone before this one. The magic happens in the WAY we look at our deepest and darkest of the past.

When we look back with a willingness to see what it is we need to see, we will see that we weren’t off course at all!

Looking back allows us to not only see that we can trust our intuition and Source/ God, but that we can also learn from what we’ve gone through because our intuition is ON POINT.

When Spirit reveals to us anything from the past, it means we are ready now to look at it differently and allow truth, and peace, as well as the experience and the pain.

Side Mini-Mini-Lesson:

❓ How will Spirit reveal things to us? Pay attention to thoughts, visuals, ideas, feelings, and the forever loved physical sign like a picture, a song, a smell. When Spirit brings things to our awarenss, it is important to work with. We often look back and see things in a healthier way as we heal and let the new in. How do we work with the stuff we dont want to see, feel, smell, sense, and know? We take each moment at a time. We breathe. We let go. We let in. And we read the rest of this blog. 😘

I wanted to share a beYOUtiful example of how and why looking back is important.

The response below was shared when an earth angel of a friend congratulated Braxton and I on celebrating four years of beginning our adventure together (7/29/16)

Looking back. ;) If I knew then what I know now.... But we do know now so that when we get to then we can look back and say, “OMG.” Only Magical Guidance. ;)

When she congratulated us, I replied, “Thank you! Totally a divine meeting for sure. It was definitely not something we "planned" on doing (meeting each other). But God's plans are always the ones that take place when we loosen the reigns. At that time, I literally said, "Fuck it!" And I went on a 15 day paranormal road trip with a bestie and $280 in my pocket. I didn't care. I needed to just experience ME in my own life without needing anything or anyone. Just to allow and feel the universe provide for me! And it did. We did readings from the road and it was magical! And Braxton was at the end of the road trip at the convention giving a speech on Empathy- which I had just published a workbook on- and that was that. “Oddly” enough, both marriages were also ending so it was beyond divine timing.

Anywho- I find that when we say, "Fuck it!" And we let God HELP with journey, we can relax a little to enjoy it. When we enjoy ourselves in the present moment, we then open up to a world FILLED with adventure, divine timing, laughter, love, abundance, peace...

When we worry about anything in the present moment, we literally make ourselves sick because we are out of alignment with who we are. We are naturally the vibration of ease and allowing, not worry or fear. So when we worry or fear anything (or fear the worries we have while we are worrying about what we fear- read that again! :) We Block God- and because of free will, God is not going to step in when we are practicing a vibration of misalignment. God will do everything to encourage and support us, but this is our journey and there is great love in Self when we rely on our intuition and LIVE our relationship with God. Which means, STILL, that we can't get it wrong! Because when we are struggling, God will still bring Angels and miracles because we are TRULY NEVER REALLY OUT OF ALIGNMENT! We are either enjoying the flippin ride or we are not. The choice is ours. God will always be there when we are ready to shift form and go home. And when we are ready, we come back again.

So HOW DO we get it all together?

- We say, Fuck it!

- We get INSPIRED (let Spirit in)

- We then do the work (which is really to let go and co-create with Spirit in each present moment l. (i.e. First, BREATHE)

- We realize "work" is actually NON-WORK when we let go, breathe, ease, choose, in-joy, allow, and practice the Faith we [say we] have

This becomes a much better cycle to practice than that of worry, doubt, fear, and guilt.

It is just a shifting of focus, of choosing, of knowing, and if getting so freakin' excited that you have air in your lungs you can't stand it!“

And that was it. I pressed send and away it went! And I then heard Spirit say, “Hey, you haven’t done a blog in a while for your Posse. You should share what you sent JJ.”

From Spirit’s mouth to your ears (or eyes to brain, you get it), I share with you this mini teachable moment. I look back and I realize how aligned all of it really is. In the moment, we panic! And this is why our moments are anxiety-filled. Looking back teaches us to LEARN to let go more and allow, to try different, to see gaps and bridges, to grow! Simply, looking back allows us to to realize we are growing. Evolving. Getting happier. More aware.

Whatever you want to call it, something bigger is happening that you are a part of. You are simply now aware of it. Get comfy with the detours! Throw your hands up to experience the butterflies when it gets scary! Allow yourself to in-joy the moments when you are called to pull over, let go, and rest. Or, better yet, grab $280, your bestie, and God and be prepared to create changes that you will one day look back at and say, “I loved when I said Fuck it!”

Oh! And that road trip I went on where I relied on faith, willingness, and friends? Just check out the pics below. God has us. ALL. OF. THE. TIME. The adventure doesn’t truly begin until we realize we are strapped in, excited... and ready to go!




... adventure continued


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