How To Find Your Purpose: The Plain and Simple Truth

Please read below to the tune of, “I like big butts and I cannot lie...” You will thank me.


I like big truths and I cannot lie

Only lessons tried to make me deny

That I thought I knew my way

But my fear lead me astray

To the clear thing in my face

I felt done, want to just give in

Cause I noticed that it wasn’t workin’

Deep in my soul it’s blaring

I‘m cooked but I can’t stop sharing

Oh maybe, I want to just fix ya

My heart doesn’t know the difference

The fearful tried to warn me

But with the hope I‘ve got makes me so care-free

Hey, ego-check in

You say you want to be my best friend

Well, truth be I’m happy

Cause I focused on what soothes me

I’ve taken chances

So well I now can chance it

To trust, yes

Faith is flowing like a slow deep breath

I’m higher when I release all things

Knowin’ that Source meets my needs

Take the inner child and ask her that

She gonna always have your back

So, Hella! Yeah! Hella! Yeah!

Do your true friends share your truths

Tell ‘em to shake it shake it

Shake that unhealthy doubt

Baby got magic

Baby got magic


And that is it! In a nutshell. Literally. For over a decade I have been studying and applying (sometimes very sloppily) what Truth is. We often disconnect purpose from passion. The key is to keep them connected. If we only focus on one “thing” we miss out on the tons of little things that do inspire us and allow us to shine! Who would have thought that I can rap! ;) Find what pulls you and just have fun!

When we focus on our passion, we will always discover our purpose. And as our purpose unfolds, our passions change. When our passions change, our purpose changes. So relax.

Focus on what fuels your passion in the moment instead of what your purpose “should be” in the moment. What inspires you in the moment instead of what is sucking the life out of you in the moment.

We must stop trying to run from the life we‘ve created. It is only in exploring our truths and desires in our present situations that we find what inspires us the most.

The very things that inspire us will always align us with our truths. So, go! Become inspired. Little things like foods, favorite smells, hobbies, research, breathing, meditation, writing, singing... Hang up the complaining, the comparing, and the criticizing. It is time to step into the exploring, the enjoying, and the unfolding. One step at a time.... is how it’s done. ❤️

Xoxo April ✨🦋

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