LIVE On Rogue Talk Radio

Dearest Spirit Posse Family, 

April and her Spiritual friends are ready! 

Tonight! LIVE Free Readings! 

Join Sheila and Kerby on Rogue Talk Radio as they welcome guest, April Roane Psychic Medium! 

You can listen by calling in or by visiting the link below. Chat room will be open! You can also call in and receive free divine insight and messages directly from Spirit through April Roane! 

Call in to speak with Sheila and Kerby, and ask April your questions!


(323) 870-3877 

9p EST 

Please be patient as there are many callers. We want each of you to be able to have your time with April. Feel free to ask your questions in the chat room! We will read them aloud and have April respond on air! 





Blessings, Love, Remembering, Allowing, Always- 


April Roane (843) 333-1835

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