The World Around You Is Speaking.

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

And it says, "Don't dwell on the fleas!"

"We do not understand until we understand- and even that is a mystery within itself." - 'the channel'

I do not know a lot about a lot of things, but I do know a little about a few things and communicating with God is definitely something I know a little bit about. I know that Spirit speaks to me through moments and feelings, symbols and patterns, thoughts, and sometimes even very physical things... such as the divinely timed message from the energy of the Cat.

We just moved to East Texas into an old farmhouse that came with some farm cats- one of which is a little mommy with three little kittens who were hungry and cold and very in love with their mama.

I then pulled another oracle card. Ah! A double-whammy from God. The Solar-Plexus card arrived screaming,

"Let go, April! It is safe to step into your power!" And then I look at the cat message, literally. The little fur family of four is now in our guest room. They have fleas. I feel in over my head in this and God is telling me to feel safe and confident in where I am and who I am... and I receive what my world is saying.

I cannot feel safe until I surrender to the moment which I have no clue about other than that I am in this present moment with what I do know which is that God is here with me speaking clearly and I need to let go and allow help in. (that was a long one!)

The world around us is always speaking. It is our job to ask, "What is my world saying to me?" Not to them. They have messages from their own reality. You have yours. What are your signs? Patterns. Repetition. Coincidences are never coincidental. Research the strange bluebird that keeps flying into your house. Use your oracle deck. Go for a walk. Spend time with yourself. Part of our lesson is to learn how to be present within our present moment. Be there.

Your world, although confusing and scary at times, is filled with signs of love, hope, direction, strength, reminders, and truth. Allow yourself to see the good stuff without always looking for the crappy stuff. That is no longer your world. You live in a world full of messages awaiting you to unlock the simplicity in their timing and magic!

And for the real kitties in my guestroom? New beginnings include new experiences. We may not like the fleas, but we do like the feeling of assisting another life in feeling a little safer, a little more fed, and a little more loved. The world around us helps us find ways to do more of what we like to feel. And these things will always bring us to new experiences that speak to us, and that may come with fleas... However, how we see the world around us is up to us. Don't dwell on the fleas. 😉 xoxo April

It feels good to feel good." - Abraham Hicks

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