This Week’s Energy Forecast

12/7 – 12/13/20

As 2020 continues to challenge what we thought we knew about all we thought we saw, this week’s message from Spirit reminds us that we aren’t going anywhere fast. If we do not truly know what is happening within us WHILE there are things happening outside of us, how are we going to be able to experience what is happening for us so that we can feel alive?

One of the hardest parts about being an old soul is knowing that God knows that you know. But what is it that we know? That is the energy of this week. Energy is everything. Every. Thing. It is the basis of the universal Law of Attraction. It is also why there exists a Law of Gravity. It is why we feel inspired and it is why we don’t.

This week, slow down. Allow your Self to catch up to your awareness. Don’t judge. Observe. Watch. Listen closely. There is much that exists between what is being said and the silence in which it is being said. Breathe there. This is where truth is born.

Mistakes are a part of the experience. Seeing other people within their own experiences is part of the magic. Trusting your Source and remembering that Source has all of us is a part of the ease we are looking for. Having faith in the whole process… now that... that is living.

Remember, you are never alone- even when you want to be. We came here to live. Living requires patience. Patient allows peace... and peace? Peace is the ultimate desire.

Allow the message from Spirit this week to inspire your choices, bring clarity to your opportunities, and soften all of your experiences.

#SpiritPosse, we journey together! Always.

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