Time To Go Retro!


d I don’t mean bell bottoms- 😉

Mercury Retrograde is back. But wait- there’s more!

Putting all of the jokes and sarcasm aside, this is a great time to grow up, show up, and let go.

We often give great advice and can clearly see how to save the world in five easy steps- so why aren’t we able to step into our power and do the damn thing in ourself and our life?

#TheYearofBlessings brings us unlimited opportunities this year to choose different. Why? Because when we do different we receive different- and this retrograde cycle allows us to do just that.

To summarize what all the hootin’ and hollarin’ is about: it is a period of time where the energy shifts us from the inside out, BY shifting us from the outside in. It is a period of wonky energy that reminds us to relax, recharge, remember, and reboot. See video above. Literally.

Energy does not lie. Whether we believe in retrograde or not, the energy over this time period will remain to “inspire” the wonky within you.

My tips?


It is nice that you have arrived...


Be prepared to go with the flow over the next 3 weeks as this is best for each of us to stay clear of things that are not clear to us.

This is a great time to breathe into your breathing, bathe in your breathing, and begin new things by breathing first.

Mercury Retrograde can upset and frustrate us- or it can settle and soothe us if we let it.

To all of my fire and water signs- slow to responding first. We are quick to go and this is the time to pull back and practice letting go first. During retrograde, allow silence and quite contemplation to transform you. Silence and quiet contemplation. Silence and quiet contemplation.

To all of my earth and air signs-

Allow the shifting to carry you. You are always carrying much of that which flows to you. During retrograde, allow healing and peace to transform you. Healing and peace. Healing and peace.

And for those of us who could care less about what sign they are- take this time to practice not pushing against anything. Reread that again. Practice not responding, not judging, not yelling, not hiding, slow to anger, slow to fear- practice fearing less and breathing more. Spirit will take you from there. ❤️

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