What IS going on, Healers!?

Ok ya’ll... The natural “auditor” in me looks for patterns. Thanks still to Denise Herrington O'Driscoll for picking up on that. 😉

As a psychic medium, I notice “energy” patterns. A lot of my “older souls” right now are struggling.... many of us are light workers without even trying.... many of us are healers and are placed in professions like teaching, medical, firefighters, police, etc. Older Souls are those who have been here before... many many many times.

So what does the “Spiritual Teams” say?


Literally, go back to you. Within. Make sure you are taking care of your needs first, please. Hydrating. Sleep. Spiritual balance (BREATHE ON THE TOILET), pray, be still, eat better (intuitively for you), stay clear if harsh chemicals and harsh people, let go, trust more..... practice that faith you do have.

Sometimes we don’t “see” the entire picture. WE AREN’T SUPPOSED TO. So relax. You haven’t come this far to come this far- and you didn’t get here alone.

One of the biggest lessons for healers to learn is to ask for help and ALLOW that help to embrace us without judgment or guilt. Got it? So allow the help- even if it comes from within.

Ok.... I’m going back to my work. Today is vacuuming, mopping, ultrasound and dowsing rods day! I love you all. More than you know. #SpiritPosse #TheOldSoulery

xoxoxox April

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