When Retrograde is a knockin'...

Many of us have spent years trying to figure out if we believe in Mercury retrograde or not. I have. What in the world would cause a planet to affect our energy in the way that retrograde "seems" to affect us? And then I realized that I do believe in the energy of the full and new moon since the moon does control the ocean tides and our bodies are over seventy percent water. If the moon can energetically affect us, then energy from other Cosmo-related shifts can too.

I will try to break some of this down as best as I can from my own personal and professional experience. Retrograde tends to confuse people, and it's important for us to understand that we can use it to our advantage as we continue to heal and grow.

We are energy.

Earth is energy.

Planets are energy.

Planets spin in a particular direction (called Direct).

Retrograde means they "spin differently, slower, etc."

When this happens, the energy shifts and it effects all life flow on an "energetic level."

Mercury is the planet of communication and is known as a trickster.

When Mercury goes into retrograde, it will affect the energy of communication including anything electronic (cell phones, computers, cars....).

There also tends to be situations that cause frustration such as losing keys, dropping things, running late, etc.

AND... the best part... It tends to bring up the past- past lovers, past bosses, memories, past traumas... all wonderfully just "pop up!" {Insert sarcasm here}

Mercury Retrograde, I'm ready for you.

Retrograde happens a few times each year and last approximately three weeks.

There is a "shadow period" of energy that takes place just before and just after retrograde takes place which means the retro energy lingers and is present.

So, with all this now broken down, I am going to piece it all together in summary:

Mercury Retrograde is a time that:

- slows us down on purpose (phones fail, computers freeze, cars break, service drops)

- causes issues with communication (breakdowns, misunderstandings.... even with our self)

- brings up the past

- triggers old fears, worries, experiences, unresolved issues...

- AND wants us to relax and laugh about it all

NOW you're with me. WHAT THE BLOODY HELL!? But... as with all things, there is a reason. A good reason that planets retrograde. And Mercury does its thang very well.

When retrograde starts a knockin', the growth starts a rockin'. Mercury retrograde has a bad rap, but it really is super important to our growth mind, body, soul. It gives us the space and the experiences need to learn what is needed so that we can be more open and receive what we desire, create, want, need, and believe.

This is a time where we face our self and get real, deal and heal. Let’s flip this so that we can get this:


- Slow down.

- Are you loving yourself and practicing what you preach?

- Be still when you’re a triggered.

- What is triggering you?

- What emotions from the past are coming up? Different details. Same emotions.

Fear of abandonment? Issues with trust? Not feeling like you are heard, enough, valued, needed?

- Have you gotten help to heal those areas being triggered? This would be your sign.

- What do you need to shift? What needs to change?

Mercury retrograde is about YOU. Not them. Not her. Not him. Not when that happened. Not why that happened. Not about why you're angry or screwed or mistreated... It's literally about you. What do you feel? What needs to be healed? Sometimes, most times, we are stubborn. We refuse to do the work that we expect others to do.

Well, my loves, being an old soul means we came here to do the work WE need to do. This is our Spirit Posse. This is why I do what I do. Being an old soul is not easy. But it is beautiful. As we heal, we heal others. We came here to experience life. Life is about change. And we also came here to truly experience love. Change is sometimes needed for old souls because we are stubborn. Mercury Retrograde creates that change.

It is safe for us to heal.

It is safe for us to grow.

It is safe for us to choose different.

It is safe for us to let go.

It is safe for us to trust the process.

It is safe for us to laugh.

It is safe for us to be.

Oh, it is so very safe for us to be. <3

xo April

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