Your Space or Mine?

Creating and In-Joying Your Own Sacred Space

Creative Beings need creative space. We need to have our own area where we can spread out and do our own thing. Writing, drawing, reading, painting, jewelry, makeup, dreaming... whatever form of creative flow is calling to you, it is important to have a space where you can answer that call.

But space is a funny thing. We take it for granted. We clutter it. We allow people who aren't good for us to occupy it. We ignore it... and yet we are frustrated because we have no where to go where we can unfold and flow ourselves. If we want to embrace the divine creative aspects of who we are we must look at the space(s) that we occupy (or don't) and go from there.

Space holds energy. It is like a stage that says, "step right up and create!" The creative Being loves this idea! New space equals new energy that is "not yet contaminated." A new home. A new car. A new job. A new relationship. A new purse. We love space until it becomes ours and then somehow when the inspiration leaves us, this space then becomes our storage room, past relationship, a boring job, cluttered car or the home that we would rather not live in. So how can we create a space that feels new again?

One very powerful word becomes the missing piece when we feel blocked, limited and unable to create. INSPIRE. The latin root for inspire is 'inspirado,' meaning in spirit. Space then is very much like the womb of creation. Life is creativity and it needs inspiration. Bringing Spirit back into our creative space allows it to become sacred. When we are not treating ourselves and our space as sacred, we often feel disconnected from Spirit.

Your creative space is the perfect area to create with Spirit and allow all that is flowing into, in through and in for you. This space can be an actual office, dining room, area in your bedroom, a guest room, a back porch, a part of the garage... where you can be you.

Here are four key elements that will help you in-joy your space and create again.

Your sacred creative space must be:

1) Clean

2) Safe

3) You!

4) Utilized

Sit in your space. Look around. Feel (use your intuition) the area. Does something need to be moved? Is a desk against a wall that separates you from a loud neighbor? Spread out here. Can light filter in? Can air flow? Breathe in this space. You should be able to feel lighter and able to breathe sacredly in your space. Every. Thing. Is. Energy. Be still. What is the space energetically saying to you?

Clean Space

I am not just talking about boxes, papers and clutter. I am talking about all energy- even inside of you.

- Set your intentions for this space. Free Intention Setting Worksheet Here.

- Sage your space/ clean the energy.

- Purge and remove anything that no longer serves you (boxes, papers, pictures, paints, hard glue bottles, old projects, etc).

- Drink fresh water.

- Breathe/ meditate prior to working.

- Light a candle.

- Use incense.

- Vacuum/ Mop.

- Take a shower prior to working.

- Charge your crystals that will be used in this space.

- Check yourself (before you wreck yourself). What do you need? This can fuel/ hinder your inspiration.

Safe Space

Btw- this is my "baby" brother, Steven. He is one of my biggest cheerleaders.

To create we must feel comfortable enough to create. When we allow energy into our sacred space that makes us feel uncomfortable, our sacredness is compromised. Our sacred space must be a judgment-free zone. That means no one, and I mean no one, should be able to access this space if they are rudely commenting on, degrading, or criticizing your creativity and/ or your Self. This goes without saying, however, there are many of us who sabotage our own well-being because of fear. We allow this fear to keep us "stuck" in unsafe situations which ultimately jeopardizes who we are. Fear blocks our abundance, our receiving, our choices and our growth. Anything that can hurt our ability to be the best us we can be is unsafe to me.

Your space needs to welcome you and inspire you. It is designed to "grow" you not keep you small. This also includes basic safety as well. Proper electric, comfortable seating, adequate lighting, etc. You need to be able to stretch out as who you are and expand those wings! Feeling safe to be who we are is a necessity.

'You' Space

How can you be who you are in your own sacred space if it isn't full of 'YOU?' Your energy is everything! Bling that space up!

Fill your space with:

- Photos

- Feathers

- Candles (K.I.S.S.- keep it safe sweetheart)

- Crystals

- Inspirational books, pictures, clippings...

- Affirmations/ Mantras

- Your colors

- Your mood

- Your 'uniqueness'

- All the neat things that make you sacred to begin with

Hello Space

And finally, creating a sacred space means to utilize this space. Show up. Create. Be you. Breathe in your space. Hide in your space. Meditate in your space. Pray in your space. Play in your space. Inspire from your space. Receive in your space. Clean your space. Set your intentions. Bring your magic into your space. Your sacred space is magical because YOU are in it! Hello sacred space. Hello to the creative yo.! Now simply, be there. All you... perfectly unfolding.

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