Spiritual Leadership: The Source Within

Spiritual Leadership: The Source Within


New lessons take place via Zoom online Thursdays 8p EST. Zoom link will be sent to you once you are signed up! We look forward to you and your energy being present at our next lesson. 



"Leadership is not a reflection of others. It is a reflection of Self. This is where we begin. Where there is truth, life will follow. This course will inspire those who seek the truth. The truth about Self. The truth about Source. The truth about the confusion in between. Clarity is how this course will be taught. One lesson at a time."


'Spiritual Leadership: The Source Within' is a spiritually-channeled course that is broken down into individual weekly sessions that will bring you to the power within the power you are.


This course is for all who are called to spiritually lead, who have always been natural leaders, those who are aware and called to go deeper, explore higher, allow greater, and thrive within the moment that is Life. Those who are called to create and who are clairsentient will find themselves called to be here.

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Weekly Channeling
Leadership From Within
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    Class credits are non-refundable but are able to be used toward future classes, lectures, and workshops. 


"Lifting Humanity.
One Heart at a Time."

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