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Κυρ 08 Αυγ


Checkout using code: PORTALPOWER

Unlock Your Cosmic Plan (ends 8/11/21)

August 8th marks a HUGE shift in the cosmos that will inspire a HUGE shift within each of us. The Universe does hear you. Are you willing to listen to it?

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Unlock Your Cosmic Plan (ends 8/11/21)
Unlock Your Cosmic Plan (ends 8/11/21)

΄'Ωρα & Τοποθεσία

08 Αυγ 2021, 2:20 μ.μ. GMT-5 – 11 Αυγ 2021, 11:55 μ.μ. GMT-5

Checkout using code: PORTALPOWER

Σχετικά με την εκδήλωση

Checkout using code: PORTALPOWER

Aligning with the energy of the Leo New Moon,  The Lionsgate Portal opens July 26- August 12th and is accessible to each of us. And 'portal power' peaks on the 8th day of the 8th month. 

"The Lionsgate Portal is activated by the numerology of 8/8, the Sun in Leo Season, and the rising of the star, Sirius. This combination of energy opens a galactic portal that allows high vibrational energy to be sent to Earth, which we can all tune in and connect with." 

Use this energy to dive deeper, explore more, and shift past your barriers. 

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