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April Roane has been transforming lives worldwide for over two decades. Her life's motto is to lift humanity one heart at a time. She hopes today this heart is yours. 


April provides hope, clarity, and a direct connection to the Divine. She is a visionary, philanthropist, and intuitive powerhouse that creates movements that stir the soul. She is the president and founder of The Divine Association of Sacred Women  and she has made it her life's mission to positively and powerfully impact in the lives of girls, women, and individuals  worldwide. 

April is unable to work with new clients at this time as she has shifted her focus to assisting individuals and working families by joining The Holtz Agency.  


April has been featured on A&E’s My Ghost Story Caught on Camera, the BIO Channel, CBS Radio,  Rogue Talk Radio, The Hotel Cassadaga, The Historic Jefferson Hotel, and Pawtographs for Pooches Parafest. #MurraysLegacy

April is a channel and vessel for messages and healing from Spirit, Higher Power, Universe, Gaia, Source, God, Angels, Guides, Loved Ones, The Collective Consciousness, Ascended Masters, and Light Beings. She receives messages in the form of feelings, visions, sounds, thoughts, ideas, smells, and tastes. Please do not give personal information. This is Spirit's job in your session. She is a level II Reiki practitioner. 


It is through April, not from her. Not all messages from your divine team will be embraced enthusiastically. However, all messages from Spirit should lift, inspire, align, support, guide, and assist your journey in a way that is of your best and highest truth. Readings with April provide this. 

April is the author of several books including Love Your Inner Empath workbook and her children's book, Goodnight Just the SameShe is the co-host of Spiritually Rogue Podcast with Braxton and April Roane


April believes in a Higher Power and has a strong faith rooted ancient Sanskrit, the teachings of Mary Magdalene, Quan Yon, and Christ Consciousness crystalline energy. She works directly with Christ Consciousness energy and the highest of divine love and light. 

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"Words can't express my gratitude! Thank you, April, for your time, energy, love, knowledge, and support. The way you work with Source and the information you share is always spot-on. Love for all you do!  

Sherree Minoletti

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"I needed to hear that more than you'll ever know or even understand. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Sunny Rogers

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Anna Prado-Fri