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About April
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April Roane has been transforming lives worldwide for over two decades. In 2009, she started by transforming her life first. April was guided to join a recovery program for food addiction. Using tools of recovery, she began her very personal and challenging journey of self, transformation, service, and faith.


Welcome to 

Where wisdom meets truth because love knows the way.  


April is a channel and vessel for messages of truth, hope, light, and love. This creates a natural healing and alignment experienced through, from, and of Spirit, Higher Power, Universe, Gaia, Source, God, Angels, Guides, Loved Ones, The Collective Consciousness, Ascended Masters, and Light Beings. 


April receives messages from Spirit in the form of feelings, visions, thoughts, ideas, sounds, knowing, smells, and tastes. April uses the ability of remote viewing with Spirit when working with others, specifically in paranormal and missing persons cases. 



April asks that you please do not give/ offer any personal information before or during you interaction with her. This is what Spirit will provide to you when you connect with April. It is through April, not from April. While April does hold space using her own energy, April is aligned with and grounded in divine Christ Consciousness Light Energy which flows to ands through her. The entire experience is one focused on lifting, aligning, healing, and bringing the reality of LOVE to the forefront. Spirit does not perform. Spirit loves. And Spirit loves greatly.