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We are a group of individuals brought together by one thing. That which is called Paranormal
It is our desire to understand, research, and explore the unknown. This allows us to assist all sides of the life experience, especially those who are in need of compassion, experience, and support.
We have a combined wealth of knowledge and experience within the paranormal realm that exceeds 30 plus years.
We are also blessed to have access to a network with over 20+ professionals within the industry which allows us to better assist those in need. Many of those within our network have been involved in some of the most well known documented cases and locations which include The Perron Family Haunting (The Conjuring case), Amityville Haunting, The Historic Jefferson Hotel, The Deering Estate, Haunted Items, Cryptid Research, and Activity focusing on the different types of hauntings.    
Our team members bring to the field their own experience focusing on investigations, mediumship, Research, Investigative Equipment, Private and Public cases worked including Residential and Business Cases, Spiritual Coaching, Events, Educational Workshops, and personal moments of Exploring Our own Faith and Fears. 
They have been featured on Bio Channel, A&E, CBS Radio, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, History Haunts & Legends, MidSouth Paracon, Paranormal Information Association, Paranormal Kicks Cancer, Gulfcoast Paracon, SpiriCruise, to highlight a few. 
We work together with individuals, families, and organizations to bring together rather than keep apart.
We believe that knowledge is power, patterns are gold, and proof is priceless. Peace is our ultimate goal. 
Each active location is active for different reasons. Not all activity is paranormal. This is a field that requires great respect, patience, consistency, and communication. 
For Everything A Reason
We are here for you. 

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USS Lexington
  • Escape Reality Podcast with Tim & April PREMIER
    Tue, Aug 03
    Aug 03, 8:00 PM – 9:05 PM CDT
  • Pawtographs Parafest 3!
    Sat, Mar 05
    Lakeside Resort & Conference Center
    Mar 05, 2022, 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
    Lakeside Resort & Conference Center, 100 Clearview Dr, Houghton Lake, MI 48629, USA
    Ghost Hunters! Paranormal Radio! Psychic Mediums! Paranormal Researchers! Empaths! And a Dog. ❤️ A Very Special Dog. #MurraysLegacy